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In 1987, heristo aktiengesellschaft entered the pet food business and has been continuously expanding it ever since. A good example of this is saturn petcare. Whether wet food, snacks, dry or dairy products for dogs and cats - with over 30 years of experience, state-of-the-art machinery and our 1,000 employees at three locations (Germany, the Netherlands and the USA), saturn petcare has developed into one of the most successful manufacturers of pet food in the private label sector.

With animonda petcare, heristo also has a genuine brand company in its portfolio: With a consistent focus on nutritional requirements, animonda petcare stands for pet food with professional standards. animonda offers premium pet food that is optimally tailored to the needs of dogs and cats. The innovative start-up BugBell rounds off the portfolio of pet food companies.


Market leader

saturn petcare

saturn petcare is one of the leading pet food manufacturers in Europe and produces private labels in all major pet food categories. In recent years, the company has consistently expanded its core competence in wet food to include dry food, snacks and baked goods. The range includes innovative convenience, functional food, wellness and life cycle products.

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animonda petcare stands for top performance in pet food. Since its foundation in 1991, animonda has consistently focused on the nutritional requirements of animals and markets its products exclusively through specialist retailers, breeders and veterinarians.

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BugBell dog food with alternative protein sources: proof that animal love and environmental protection can complement each other. Carefully coordinated with leading dog nutrition experts and veterinarians, BugBell ensures a balanced diet with all essential nutrients and superfoods.

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