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Human Food

Meat processing and ready meals

As a family-run company in its fourth generation, heristo aktiengesellschaft has developed into a very successful group. With more than a dozen companies, we are one of the highest-turnover corporate groups in the German food industry.

Our focus is on the production of private labels for the leading discounters and retailers in Europe. The basis of our success: the individual strengths of our employees and a consistent focus on quality.


Our classic


Stockmeyer has stood for traditional sausage specialties for over100 years. All of heristo aktiengesellschaft's meat processing activities are combined in the Stockmeyer Group. A differentiated brand portfolio and the constant adaptation of products and the product range to changing eating habits and modern consumer trends are the division's outstanding success factors. It includes the Westfälische Fleischwarenfabrik Stockmeyer GmbH (Sassenberg-Füchtorf) and the Polish manufacturer Balcerzak (Sława, Poland). The range is primarily presented in self-service packaging. The company includes the brands "Stockmeyer - Deutsche Markenwurst", "frohNATUR" and "Ferdi Fuchs" with its hearty snacks and bread toppings for young and old.

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Eastern Europe


Since 2001, the Stockmeyer Group has been tapping into the potential for meat and sausage products in Eastern European countries via Balcerzak. Balcerzak already sells its range of classic sausage products and Polish specialties in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

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Ferdi Fuchs

Whether practical mini sausages for on the go or the super tasty mini meat sausage on bread, hearty salami or creamy liver sausage: the heristo brand Ferdi Fuchs has something for every taste and every occasion. The Stockmeyer company introduced Ferdi Fuchs mini sausages for children back in the mid-1990s. Ferdi Fuchs products contain additional vitamins and calcium and make an important contribution to a balanced diet.

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Fine Food


The Buss fine food division offers top quality, sophisticated creations and a wide range of products. For over 70 years, Buss has stood for variety and top quality in the production of ready meals. In Ottersberg near Bremen, the company produces fresh ready meals, stews, delicatessen soups, international and regional specialties with and without refrigeration in a state-of-the-art production facility.

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New freshness


Making the world a little tastier is the motto of this young company from Cologne. YOUCOOK conjures up the authentic taste of Asian street food stalls and cookshops directly at home or in the office. The meals, which consist only of high-quality ingredients and naturally contain no artificial preservatives or flavor enhancers, can be prepared within four minutes. So you don't need a great restaurant around the corner or an expensive delivery service to enjoy a quick and tasty meal. YOUCOOK dishes are easily available in the supermarket.


Food logistics


The wholesale and foreign trade activities of heristo aktiengesellschaft are combined in the conSup business division. miller conSup handles the export and import of finished products for heristo aktiengesellschaft companies from Hamburg. Branded companies from other areas of the food industry also rely on this expertise.

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Meat wholesale

Meat 2000

The experts for beef from South America: Meat 2000 has been importing meat specialties since 1981 and has developed into one of the leading importers of premium meat from South America in particular. With experience, reliability, good contacts and, above all, transparency, Meat 2000 ensures maximum enjoyment.

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