Stockmeyer gruppe
Stockmeyer Gruppe
Stockmeyer Provital Ferdi Fuchs frohNatur Balcerzak

The business sector of meat processing manufactures top quality sausage products, owing its success, especially, to the differentiated brand portfolio and exemplary quality management.

The Stockmeyer group consists of the Westfälische Fleischwarenfabrik Stockmeyer (Sassenberg- Füchtorf, Germany) and the Polish manufacturer Balcerzak (Slawa, Poland). The group’s brand portfolio is tailored to modern consumption habits and trends and is mainly offered in the booming self-service sector.

Since 1913, Stockmeyer has stood for traditional sausage-making expertise. In the 1960s, the company brought pre-packaged products on the market, thus being path-breaking for self-service counters with sausage products. Today, Stockmeyer produces in the Westphalian village of Füchtorf in one of the most modern manufacturing plants for sausage in Europe today, raw sausage specialties as well as cooked ham, cured and precooked sausages, as private labels and as brands. Brand labels of Stockmeyer are »Stockmeyer – Deutsche Markenwurst«, »ProVital« (Wellness) and »Ferdi Fuchs«, the tasty children’s snacks.

Stockmeyer is responding to the rising demand for naturally reared meat from traditional husbandry with the frohNatur brand. The pork used in all frohNatur products comes from the native Swabia-Halle breed of pig that is raised on the producing farms in a manner appropriate to the breed and in harmony with the natural environment. A further feature of this brand is that there are no flavour enhancing additives, colourants or flavourings and only natural herbs and spices are used.

Since 2001, the Stockmeyer group has also been opening up the potential for meat and sausage products in the Eastern European countries with the sausage manufacturer Balcerzak. Balcerzak already sells its range of classic sausage products and Polish specialties to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

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