About us

heristo aktiengesellschaft is a family-run, diversified group of companies acting in the business sectors of meat processing, fine food, pet food as well as the import and export of food in the German and the international market.

With its operative companies, heristo aktiengesellschaft reaches one of the highest levels of turnover in the German food industry, ranking amongst the largest European manufacturers of pet food and belonging to the global trading companies. The group realizes approx. two thirds of its sales by manufacturing private labels.

The group consists of strong sectors decentrally operating under a strategic management holding, which guarantees the continuance and the expansion of the family-owned business.

The expansion of its market position, numerous company acquisitions and a steady, solid growth have led to the present size of the heristo group. The basis of heristo’s economic success is outstanding quality management encompassing the quality of food and services as well as the qualification of its employees.

The individual heristo companies operate to a large extent independently. This allows prompt reaction to new developments in the market and the demands of consumers and trading partners. For all four business sectors apply: the target is top quality for brands, private labels and services – nationally and internationally.

heristo aktiengesellschaft
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