The heristo aktiengesellschaft has every good reason to look optimistically into the future – our range of companies is broadening, our market presence is expanding, we are developing attractive new products.

Of course, we want to further increase the turnover and the return, but at the same time maintain the guiding values of our group: fair, reliable, innovative when interacting with our clients and business partners, in pricing and service, when creating new products and within the heristo-community.

Fair, reliable and innovative, we take action, above all, when the safety of our food products is in question. Our understanding of quality also includes environmental requirements: We are careful with resources and all our production sites conform to the latest standards for environmental management.

Our employees participate with commitment in the continuing competition of new ideas for safety and quality in manufacturing. Professional education and advanced training are rated high in our group of companies – whoever wants quality, has to qualify, this is our standpoint.

We provide our employees with entrepreneurial free space allowing every employee to assume responsibility for the success of our company group. This is guaranteed by short decision paths and flat hierarchies, as well as high ambitions for our actions and work. These factors have led us to where we are today.

heristo aktiengesellschaft
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