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heristo Sponsoring: Engagement, youth support and local responsibility

heristo aktiengesellschaft is conscious of its social responsibility and has supported selected cultural and artistic events, sports clubs and sporting initiatives around its corporate locations for many years.

In this way, the heristo group gives back part of the support and trust that it receives from the relevant regions.

lichtsicht Projection Biennial in Bad Rothenfelde
A highlight of our engagement in the cultural and artistic scene is the lichtsicht Projection Biennial in which we have written a new chapter in the history of media! Renowned artists combine the technology of projection with their own creativity to produce stunning images. The event is being held at the historic graduation works in Bad Rothenfelde, located in the south of the Osnabrück Land region. lichtsicht is one of Germany's most important art events that are held in a public setting. Alongside some other important awards, it was honoured with the renowned Art Sponsorship Award by German industry in 2015.

At the request of the creator and founder of the lichtsicht Projection Biennial, Heinrich W. Risken, the event will change in 2020 from a purely privately financed one via the foundation of the same name to a triennial event of light art financed through public funds. In cooperation with the local administrative district, the State of Lower Saxony, the regional association Osnabrücker Land e.V., the Lower Saxony Cultural Foundation and the pet food manufacturer animonda, the municipality of Bad Rothenfelde has developed a new financing concept. lichtsicht 7 will liberate the Spa Gardens in Bad Rothenfelde from their wintry gloom from 23 October 2020 to 21 February 2021 – and will then be held every 3 years.

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